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Leo Hylan has secrets he’s eager to reveal.

Take “Box Scar,” one of 40 pieces in his art show at the Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge in Annapolis. The small piece appears to be a cubist-influenced array of muted colors.
But look close, and the images are strangely reminiscent of X-ray shadows.
That’s half-right — and half the puzzle.
The shapes come from an MRI Hylan had in conjunction with back surgery.
Look even closer to see the word “pain” written over and over again.

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In July of 2013, Leo Hylan joined the artist collective, The Artery, which is an Annapolis-based cooperative run by Lindsay Zetter and Emily Welsh.
The Artery provides membership for local artists that wish to join and in turn provides exposure via the web and local exhibition.

--[Below taken from thearterycooperative.com]

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Hylantown is Leo Hylan a Composer/VJ/and DJ from the Baltimore area. The name comes from a play on Leo's last name an and the infamous Baltimore neighborhood- "Highlandtown". Hylantown's music ranges from ambient to techno, from pure electronica to electro-acoustic. Coherence in these styles is maintained through an emphasis on melodic tones. Influences include- Boards of Canada, NIN, Orbital, Underworld, and Brian Eno. The Video Perofmance is based more on the work of the Abstract Expressionists including Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, and Jackson Pollock.

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-Prices for photographic prints vary by size. email me the name of the print located in the slideshow) you want and I will give you a quote. add 50 dollars for a mat and 100 dollars for a mat and frame.

-Leo Hylan is designing T-shirts with his art as well as for the fight against cancer for T-shirt information
-To buy T-shirts for artwork- contact me at leohylan@yahoo.com(I accept paypal at that address.

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